In these dreary, dragging winter days we can all attest to frequenting visions of sun sand and serenity. Fear not as spring approaches, but until the time that we smell those blossoming fresh flowers, plotting forthcoming summer activities is a great way to pass the time. One such activity I will share with you today.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway from the city this summer, look no further than Princeton, B.C. Some of you may have driven through Princeton on your way to the Okanogan, some maybe on your way to hockey games in the interior, regardless what your reason for passing through the small town, today I am inviting you to stop and stay a little while.


Princeton, B.C. is about a 3-hour drive from Vancouver and passes through many breathtaking tourist attractions like Coquihalla Canyon Park, The Hope Slide, Manning Park and more. Princeton is a charming little town that is nestled between the Tulameen and Similkameen Rivers. Princeton has the undeniable feeling of an old school B.C. town, meaning nothing moves too fast, there’s always time to stop and talk and nearly everything is closed on Sundays. However, as it is summer time and you’ll be looking for somewhere to kick up your feet, so follow me for a small jaunt out of downtown Princeton.

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Fifteen minutes from Princeton is a little spot called Bromley Rock Provincial Park, a beautiful little river bend that has a pristine sand bar to lounge on, a calm space of river to swim, and a picturesque rock face to watch ambitious youngsters cliff jump. The spot is very popular among locals as the park also has camping that usually fills up in a hurry. Last summer, friends of ours told us about Corals Cabins, a cute, quant, country style collection of cabins that are homey and welcoming yet distant enough from any city styling’s. The cabins are less than ten minutes from Bromley Rock and are located right off the highway, unmistakable as they are painted bright yellow. The cabins are situated around a nice grass space that has a communal fire pit and games like horseshoe toss, darts and more. Don’t be surprised to see bald eagles nesting above you or deer meandering through the yard and, hold on, here’s the best part.

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If you’re here for just a weekend, be sure to keep your Saturday open as you will be spending it floating carelessly down the Similkameen River taking in the very best scenery the West Coast has to offer. Yes, the Similkameen river is prefect for floaters of all kinds and provides enjoyment for locals and visitors from all regions so gear up your inner tube. You have two different options for your river float; firstly, you can enter from Princeton and endure a 3-4 hour journey to Bromley Rock, then another 3 hours to Corals Cabins, a 6-8 hour full journey. Make no mistake; this will be an entire day of floating so you will need a good tube, warm temperatures and a full belly. It may even be possible to leave your car at Bromley Rock with lunches inside so you can break halfway through.

On the other hand, if this is too much for you, I suggest driving to Bromley Rock, taking in the sites of the splendid park and then launching for a float back down to Corals Cabins. The trip is about 3 hours and very mild with a great mixture of slow, calm spaces and fun, mild rushing spots where you may get a little wet. Taking this route will also save more energy for late afternoon activities. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not much of a river floater, there are tons of activities to do in the surrounding areas like fishing, hiking, and horseback riding if you so please. Check the Princeton, B.C. website for more activities to satisfy each member of your party.

Now, the spritely and hospitable Coral is happy to either drive you to your car or drop you off on your day of fun if it is in the surrounding area (a tip never hurts). Taking off early is a good idea so you can beat any crowds and enjoy quiet solitude on your tube, if that is your activity of choice. Before you launch, ask Coral where you will exit the river, as she will point out an indicative landmark for you to know your trip is over.

Here’s some things you will need: water shoes would be great in case you fall in, it makes it much easier getting back into your tube. A big, comfortable inner tube, not one of those shifty pool noodles but the real, oversized tire kind that you can sit with your bum in the middle and keep your balance. Warm clothes for after your journey, snacks, maybe a waterproof camera, that’s about it! After your day of tubing, head into town to wander the serene heritage style streets of Princeton and grab some food from one of the local restaurants. I would recommend Santo’s for Greek food, its great quality and a very relaxed atmosphere.

That’s it for now! SHEJourneys will try and bring you more recommendations for weekend getaways as we approach the summer months so keep your eyes peeled and, as always, never stop exploring!