Thelma and Louise, as my friend and Nancy and I so jokingly call ourselves, are packed and ready for our impending road trip…I know it is only about a 4 hour journey, but for a person with a strong dislike for sitting, 4 hours is still a long trip.

As we leave the busyness of the city, my shoulders start to drop and my body begins to loose that tenseness that is ever-present. The rainforest disappears in our rear view mirror and slowly the landscape matches our uncluttered emotions. In front of us lies endless rolling hills lightly dusted with snow- vacant, big open spaces with endless room to ski! The ultimate escapism.

Our home for the next 6 nights will be a condo at Predator Ridge Resort, a golf retreat about 15 minutes from Vernon and a stones throw from Sparkling Hill Resort. Predator Ridge caters primarily to golfers but is also open in the winter with limited service and majorly discounted rooms. The fitness room is open year round with access to the pool, hot tub, steam room and even fitness classes are available for those committed health nuts. Additionally, staying at Predator Ridge also allows guests the advantage of utilizing the fantastic spa facilities at Sparkling Hill resort. Sparkling Hill is a great base from which to explore the Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre and Silver Star Mountain.
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Naturally, our first day was spent at Sparkling Hill Resort. This resort was absolutely stunning and certainly lived up to its name, as the entire place shimmered with crystals that line the whole interior, including a spectacular crystal waterfall. We began with the signature Kurspa massage and then took to luxuriating in the various steam rooms and blissful pools. By spending more than $100 dollars on a spa treatment, you are able to use all available spa facilities all day long. The resort is just behind Predator ridge, a nice 2km walk or a quick 5 minute drive.
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The next day we braved some cross-country skiing at Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre, which was undoubtedly a highlight. The lack of crowds made onsite rental effortless. The more than 50km of manicured trails were challenging enough for this occasional cross-country skier, making the resort amicable for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Day 3 of our cross-country adventure was a combination of Sovereign and Silver Star. We glided to the summit of Silver Star (about a 4 km journey) and then cruised down to Paradise Camp, a lovely little shelter shack for adventurers to break and warm their toes. We stopped for a soup and hot chocolate then took a minor detour to explore Silver Stars quant, colourful and cozy little village before heading back to Sovereign. This was a brilliant and fulfilling day taking in both distinctly B.C. locales.
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The weather proved slightly more challenging on Day 4 so we decided to take to the snowshoe trails to mix it up a bit. “Trapline” trail led us to the warm, cozy Black Prince cabin where we enjoyed a snack and then meandered home on Wild Goose trail. All trail information is available online and at the resort.

The rest of the time was spent lazily indulging in hotel downtime, visiting with family and quietly reflecting on this wonderful province of ours. Plans are already afoot for next winter as we contemplate another adventure to Predator Ridge and combine it with one of Sovereign Lake’s 5 Super Camps to hone our cross-country skills. Visit and consider one of these training sessions to kick off another wonderful season of winter.

I look forward to seeing you on the trails!