Founded by Hilda Nyquvest, SHEJourneys is itself a dream realized. Growing up in rural Manitoba, Hilda admits she always felt the call of the journey. The world beyond the Prairies seemed exciting and exotic. Hilda has always been a seeker, and travel was an essential ingredient in her self-exploration. She started travelling in her early 20s and has since visited dozens of countries including places like Bhutan, Nepal, Morocco and Turkey. She has run marathons, climbed Mount Baker, cycled from Vancouver to Calgary, and found balance through meditation and yoga. Hilda started working as a travel agent over 30 years ago when the industry looked much different than it does today. She has seen it evolve and change over the years, and yet one thing has remained the same: our desire to explore both the world and our purpose within it.

Hilda’s goal is for the women on her tours to find a sense of belonging wherever they go, and through SHEJourneys she facilitates that feeling of home. She is connected to tour operators around the world, allowing her to access unique, authentic opportunities that people could not easily access on their own.

The SHEJourneys Experience

SHEJourneys is a reminder to live from a place of joy. The physical act of walking has long held power that ancient cultures have recognized. From pilgrimages to spirit walks, there is a holistic aspect incorporated into our steps and a meditation that occurs as we place one foot in front of the other. We are inspired by the fact that we aren’t just walking outdoor trails, we are traveling on ancient pathways. We go beyond wandering, we are traveling on people’s roads of commerce, and following paths that connect friends and family. SHEJourneys is the result of years of exploration, both inward and outward. The catalyst for launching SHEJourneys was an epiphany. While many people believe travelling is an escape, it can also be the time when we see ourselves the most clearly, away from distraction and routine. We become open to the possibilities.