Continuing with my Shaman studies, we open to the direction of the West, with the Stawamas Mountain in the foreground and Apus Ch’Kai and Mamquam in the background, we embark on the Warrior’s Journey with the archetype of the Jaguar. The second of a four part series, the Jaguar archetype had us recounting our pasts in order to grow.

Coinciding with the full moon, the best time to pray, raise your energy and celebrate life, we explored ways to move beyond fear, violence and death in this section of the teachings.  We explored our family history and the patterns that had been prevalent in our lineage and how we might heal and transcend the story of the past to create a new and different future for generations forward.

The sand painting, the soul dolls, yoga and breathing – all coming together to support this inward journey. The invitation is to explore your own lineage and become aware of the dis-ease that may stalk your family history.  Participating in our own healing may shift the lifelessness that may have become habitual in past generations.  The journey is for each of us and the ripple produced is, undoubtedly, profound.