…tucked away in the Himalayan Mountains. Home of Mt. Everest.
nepal-child “We were in Gorek Shep, Nepal – the last village before Kala Patthar and Everest Base Camp. We left the last village at 7:30 in the morning and it was very cold. I was wearing three layers on top, two on the bottom, and I had been in the same clothes for four nights straight. The girls were excited because we were nearing Everest. If this were a marathon, we were at mile 24. As we entered the village of Gorek Shep, two men brushed past us in haste. I struck up a conversation with their guide, a fellow Canadian, yet these two burly British men barely paused, mumbling something about not being able to talk right now, before continuing on their hike. When we arrived in town, our group settled into a small tea house for lunch. As we were sitting there, one of the women received a phone call that her son, a ski racer on the Canadian national team, had an accident and broke his leg skiing. His season was finished. Whether it was from the exhaustion or the emotions of being so near our goal, every one of us started to cry, consoling the woman who had just received the news. We felt so connected to each other, and so present in that moment. As I stood up and headed to the washroom, I bumped into one of the burly British men. He stopped me and apologized for not speaking to us earlier, admitting the trek had been much harder than he ever thought possible. He said he wasn’t feeling well and was very tired. I could relate. And then he said that he saw us crying and asked why. I told him…and he began to cry. That afternoon, we reached Kala Patthar and our trek came to an end. I realized it wasn’t about the hiking or the accomplishment of reaching Everest Base Camp. It was about a common compassion we found, on our journey.”

Hilda Nyquvest

Founder and Travel Guide of SHEJourneys