Who We Are

SHEJourneys has evolved into a deep tapestry of experiences, weaving together the collective stories of all those who participate. It is about removing limitations, shedding fears and embracing the freedom of simply being. It is a journey of self-discovery as we explore some of the richest cultures on the planet. Trekking involves discipline and determination, and our circles help us to all reach our goals. Our journey involves stepping out of our comfort zones and exploring new territory. It can be about seeking information, knowledge and wisdom, or about celebrating accomplishments and setting new goals. It can also be about seeking transformation, physically and emotionally, and reaching a new level of intimacy with the world around us.

Our Philosophy

At SHEJourneys, our philosophy is that we are all on a path of exploration and healing. The relationships we form along the way have a ripple effect, touching people in ways we can only imagine. We are a sisterhood, a collective of old and new friends who come together with the shared purpose of connecting with the world around us. We are a community of women who are connected by our mutual desire to explore. It is a pursuit of clarity.


The SHEJourneys Woman

A SHEJourneys Woman is generous in spirit and sees the power of sharing her story. She is physically active, self reflective and grounded. She is also curious and open to the possibilities that surround her. She may have traveled already, yet she is now looking for a way to get deeper into the cultures she visits while at the same time discovering aspects of herself along the way.